Wedding Day - Eryn && Ajaq :)

Yeay ! Finally finally :)

Ever wonder why God gives us two?
A right hand to show the left what to do.
One ear to listen and one to hear
the problems of others,
their laughter and fears.
One eye to watch and one to behold
the beautiful treasures
that life has to hold.
One foot to travel and one to stand tall.
Two feet to land on if we should fall.
One man to stand by a woman's side;
One woman to cherish being his bride.
The love between partners
comes shining through
and that is the reason
God has made two.

May God Bless You
On Your Wedding Day

Abg Ajaq (Pengantin Lelaki) & Abg Bad (Pengapit) =)

Flower girls ;))

Thnx cik ayang for the handmade punye hantaran ! Cik ayang hebadd <3

Thank you for reading , dear ;]

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