Yeahhh , akhirnyaaa :]

Hai , hai peeps . Sorry really sorry for the very late update . Okay okay , here you are :]

Nadiatul Akmal bt.Masri , my best buddy at STJ :']

We (Nysa , Nadia , Teha and Me) were playing around at Taman Raja Hitam , STJ :]

Sahibbba Competition . Yeyy , yayah menang :D

Eating mangosteen with cimot , syazreen , atikah , nadia , fara , nysa , teha and syafiqah :)

We can't go back home on this weeks so we released our tense with capturing pictures together ! ;D
Eating lunch on Friday dalam DM STJ :]

Nadia and Aina with my teddyss :))

After dinner , before pergi musolla , sempat lagi bergambar :D

Waktu kitaorang dekat STJ , kitaorang selalu rindukan FACEBOOK . Haha :]

And this is my boyfriend , meet her Fatihah . I <3 her very much :]

All those pictures are mostly taken by my dslr and Nadia's dslr . Guys , thankyou for the every moments we spend together . Its been so great to have you all around me . May this friendship remains forever , amin <3

Thank you for reading , dear ;]

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