Isn't beautiful ? Marriage in Islam

Assalamualaikum :')

You can marry a woman for her wealth but money will perish

You can marry a woman for her beauty but beauty will fade away

.You can marry a woman for her power but power will be gone

.If you marry a pious and righteous woman 
who fears Allah, 
- she will honour you, 
- she will be affectionate with you, 
- she will help you to get closer to Allah. 

Your love story will last forever. It will begin in this life and Insha'Allah will continue in the Hereafter.Her love and satisfaction will be your key to Jannah (Paradise).

Does anyone else find it beautiful that if she is a man's key to paradise in helping him fulfill half his deen with her in marriage.. and that in attaining his pleasure through her life and obedience as his wife and a Muslimah... he is her door to Jannah... couldn't help thinking of the irony.. the key that opens the door .. they need each other's help to get there in this analogy...Masha'Allah :')

Thank you for reading , dear ;]

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