Trying .

Assalamualaikum .
In the middle of the night . Not really night because it is already 1:24 in the morning . I am alone here . While most of the people in the house is slept already .
I don't know how to express this kind of feeling .
I am just a lil bit down . But I know I have to be strong .
Is this the challenge that I have to face ? A challenge that is already written in the luh mahfuz for me .
Allah .. Allah ..
I know I am not a good or even a better slave to you . And I know I am not even a good daughter to my parents .
I didn't mean to be like this .
I am trying Ya rabb to be a good one ..
I am trying ...
Ya rabb , forgive all my sins . Forgive all my wrong deeds . Bring me and guide me to jannah ...
"Allah tak pelik andai hambanya banyak berbuat dosa tapi Allah pelik mengapa hambanya yang banyak berbuat dosa tidak kembali bertaubat kepadanya"
Karya di atas ialah hasil nukilan diri ini .
Semoga Allah jaga dan rahmati kita . 

Thank you for reading , dear ;]

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