Being me , be yourself ;)

Heee , its been a long time for me not to put my pic on my blog . So , here we are . At Pavilion , after dinner , in hurry to catch the movie but I still sempat bergambar ;D
Nice right my outfit ? haha , (Perasan) I know that :D

Ok , enough with that ,
so , I just wanna share with you a few quotes I got from

First ,
The past cannot be changed,forgotten,edited or erased . It can only be accepted.

Second ,
Before you open your mouth ,
m8sure you have a mind to back up all the things you say .

Third one ,
The past is behind,learn from it.
The future is ahead prepare for it.
The present is here, live it.

Last one ,
Learn to appreciate what you have , before time makes you appreciate what you had.

Thats all , c ya :]

Thank you for reading , dear ;]

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