Yes , sir . I do like you . haha.

Assalamualaikum , and hye haiyaaa peeps :)
Ignore my title , okay >.<

I can sum up everything that had happened to me on this school holidays , for the whole weeks . I spend most of my time with my mom and with my brothers . We had good time together . Even I still had fight with my mom . Went shopping , and suddenly my mood changed , so do others mood . Sorry babe , for spoiled the day . Eating haagan dasz , and suddenly when my mom asked , what’s wrong with me ? and out of the blue , tears drop . Oh no , I’m crying in front of them . I just can pretend I’m okay I’m fine in front of people anymore , when I’m not okay , I’ll just express it . Even with this kind of perangai that my mom called it “muka kelat” still dia layan lagi I . She tried to make me smile again . World , listen , no matter what happened , I’ll always be by her side . Okay , enough with that , lagi apa ehh , I buat ? Yeaahh , that’s it , Tutti Fruity ! Oh myyy ~ I’m gonna miss this . For those yang belum try , better go ! Go ! and try it ! Yummy laah !

This school holidays , I got the chance to watch 2 movies . Cars 2 and The Smurfs . Hey , in my opinion , you better go and watch The Smurfs ! Interesting movie , full of excitements and a few lessons to learn . Heee :D

And I just celebrate my raya at KL . Just with my mom , my brothers , atok Hassan , tokwan and tokyah . My grandparents turun KL cause nak sambut my atok from India . Weee , my tokwan said , I ada keturunan India , Arab and Pakistan . Oh myy ~ I never know this before !! :D

We also beraya dekat Melaka . Suasana kampong . Peaceful , jalan nak pi Melaka macam jalan nak balik hostel . Huhu . Nmpk lembu , rumahrumah kampung , dah macam kat Pilah :D

Pengalaman makan buah sentul . Buah sentul !?!? Haha .Pi Tanya Encik Google , forsure dia tahu . Buah dia keras , tak boleh buka pakai tangan . Kena ketuk biar sampai terbelah , isi dia tak silap ada 4 jaa . Tapi nenek sedara I kata , dulu diaorang baling jaa lempar kat tanah buah nii . Haha , ok , itu cara tradisional .

Lagi apa ehh ? okay , I tataw daah nak cerita apa . Brainstorm :D
So , peeps , I leave you with this photos :D Bye ~ have a nice day ~ Doakan yayah taw ;)

Thank you for reading , dear ;]

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