True Love Waits

Assalamualaikum ! :)

Hye korunk ! 

Sehaaat ? Sehaaat ? Hope everything OKAY , yaa :")

Waaah , some of the STJians now daah buaadd countdown nak balik hostel .
Okay , countdown laah sangaat . -.-
Tinggal one week je laagii before our holidays enddd !
Homaigadd , macam susah nak percaya kaan yang cuti nii terasa cepaat ?
Don't you guys feel it ?
Tak rasa ke macam tuuh ?
Haaaa ?
Go here for more ! <3
Okay . Whyy tetibaa ada gambaa macam kat ats tuuh , ye .?
Actually aku nak tanya laah kan ? Korunk ada 'someone special' tak ? In your life ? 

Aha . Everybody have , right ? Isn't it ?

That special person . Right right ? Even my mom also have one ;) *Winkwink .

Okay , what do you guys think about the one that we called "special person" ?

Special ? Of course it means something 
'yang lain daripada yang lain' 
'yang ada pada dia tak ada pada dia dan dia' . 
Kaaan ?

Okay , so , actually . Aku just nak share a few things with you guys about our main topic nii . Wehee . Cara macam nak share hape je kan . Pergi stdy laa , woii >.< K. Fineee . Kejaaap , kejaap . So , korunk baca baik2 , kay ;)

Special someone ? Hrm . Pk jaap . Aku ada ke that special someone ? Wehee . *Okay , aku nampak muka mak aku sekarang . Dia tengah ehem ehem , geleng2 kple dekaat akuu . Okay okay , confession ! Of course , aku ada ! And it's you lah , the one yang tengah baca entri nii ! *Wehee >.<

Dalam banyak-banyak orang yang kita jumpa , yang kita get along , yang kita kenal . There will be one ! That one person that is specially place in our heart . Its not that easy to find that special person . Cause when someone comes into your life . There's must be a reason why Allah sent them . Either , for us to learn from them or to be with them until the end . InsyaAllah . Eh heh ! Cewaaah . Ayaaat akuu :D

Siapa je yang tak ada 'special person' dalam life dia kan . Even not now , maybe tomorrow , later . Sooner later , who knows ? Right ? ;)

Okay , so let just assumes je laah eh yang kita already have that 'special person' ! Jom baca laagii :D

Special person ? Hrm . Okay . Dalam pale hotaak aku sekarang ada mcm2 nak dikeluarkan taapii tulaaah tak terkeluar jugaak nii >.<

Okay , siyess , blank :D Tak boleh keluar pulaaak . Tetibaa rasaa payah nak express pakai words -.- Gambar je bole ?
Sure , korunk fahaaam ! 
Ehem ehem , I totally have no idea . Tetibaa get blank laah , uguys >.<
Okay , everyone will meet their special someone , one day . InsyaAllah . 

To the special someone ,
You are the reason why even at the saddest part of my life, i smile. even at confusion, i understand.
even in betrayal, i trust.even in fear of pain, i love.I never thought of knowing you but it happened.I never thought of liking you but I really do.I never really thought of missing you but I always do.I never really thought of loving you so much but I guess I’m beginning to day by day .Every little thing is just so beautiful when I spend it with you :") No matter how many times I get hurt because of you , I won't leave you . Because If I have a hundred reasons to leave you , I'll always look for that one reason to fight for you :') We fight like a married couple,we talk like best friends,we flirt like first loves,and protect each other like brother and sister,obviously its mean to be.No one else will have me Like You do.No one else will have me Only you :)

Okay . Cukup . Jangan dok pk yang bukanbukan , naa . It's just something that I wanna share with you . One day , bila dah jumpa kan . Baagii laah ayatayat macam dekaat atasss . Ngehehe . 

Okay , gtg ! More importants things to do . Apa yang penting ? KERJASAMA ? Eh , not that ! Focus with what we suppose to do first . Education is totally much important , kay . Bercinta bagai nak rak , tapi belajar entah ke mana . ta boleh jugaak ! Sian mak ayah kita , ye . Jangan macam tu , kay . Belajar rajinrajin , masuk U . Buat yg terbaik dekat U . Travel where you want ! Kumpul duit . No matter what , family comes first ! Okay :")

 Love is not blind. People who fall in it are.
Byebyee . Take good care yourself !

Thank you for reading , dear ;]

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